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Unfortunate bundle of errors.

Posted by on May 1, 2011

After playing starcraft 2 on my new computer several months ago, I noticed that when I would exit to the desktop or alt-tab out, the mouse cursor in windows 7 would often change into this ugly block of lines instead of an arrow. I looked on the google, and apparently this was a known issue, one fix for which was “turn on pointer trails.” So I did, with the shortest possible tail, to approximate the computer of an adult male.

New mouse error! I recently recieved a free copy of portal 1 on steam (thanks, seifertim!). I was dismayed that on the menu screen, the mouse cursor did not appear at all. Because of mouse-over reactions from some menu items, I could sometimes locate the cursor, though it remained invisible.

Another trip through the google and lo! another known error, caused by . . . having pointer trails on. Frown.

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