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My top ten tv shows

Originally posted here. 30 rock arrested development bojack horseman community it’s always sunny parks and rec rick and morty simpsons the wire venture bros   preference order added on 8-21 for crybaby Eric: simpsons arrested development bojack horseman it’s always sunny rick and morty the wire venture bros parks and rec 30 rock community

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Scarlett milestones for the day 2015-05-22

ambiturner: learned how to roll to the left (could already roll right) began to occasionally yell for the fun of it better at reaching for her toys moved up to size two diapers was very well behaved at the fitness center had fun throwing toys out of her stroller while mom worked out

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My Star Wars ABCs

Mary found this article and thought it apropos to us right now, considering we’re expecting and we love Star Wars. My response was more along the lines of “what’s he reading? Star Wars ABCs … maybe I should get that book to read to our kid. No wait! I’ll make my own!” Some pondering, an … Continue reading »

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My answers to Tim Aten’s quiz

The quiz is at the end of this delightful article, and my answers are below.

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Pebble saved my phone today

Left phone on roof of car when I left work tonight. Onramp: took curve a little fast and heard a noise on the roof and then off to my left on the ground. Spider sense tingling. Seconds later, Pebble buzzed with lost bluetooth connection (the same thing that happens when I leave home without my … Continue reading »

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Good News! More Maria Bamford!

Obviously her work on the Comedians of Comedy and The Maria Bamford Show is totally classic, but apparently there is yet more MB to come. Check out the first episode in her new series (and yes, she does look like my fiancée’s sister):    

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Ponynomics: Economic Lessons from MLP

(crossposted from TheLibertyKids.com) There are a number of important economic concepts illuminated by the excellent My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode “The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000” (season 2, episode 15). I want to talk about them here, but warning, there are some pretty heavy spoilers within. First off, here’s an episode summary from … Continue reading »

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Pictures of me from my first 5k

AEI has posted a slideshow of pictures from the 5k they hosted at this year’s SPN Annual Meeting. I’m visible in the crowd shot (picture number 3) crouching near the front, and in picture number 5. Even though I’m not in any of the finish line pics, I finished! Road Race to Freedom from AEI

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Nitpick/Review of Alien 3 that I Wish I Had Written

In Alien 3, did anyone smoke cigarettes? Was the movie such a stupid betrayal of the earlier parts of the series that none of us even noticed that the universe stopped chain-smoking in the 5 years since the last adventure? Whatever. Speaking of problems with Alien 3: I don’t know if there was supposed to … Continue reading »

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List of times, other than 9/11, when America lost its innocence

From a footnote in David Cross’s book “I Drink for a Reason” shay’s rebellion the triangle shirtwaist factory fire the trail of tears the executions of sacco and vanzetti the lynching of leo frank the mormon slaughter at mountain meadows the civil war (who needs a link for this?) the mccarthy hearings the death of … Continue reading »

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