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My Star Wars ABCs

Posted by on January 4, 2015

Mary found this article and thought it apropos to us right now, considering we’re expecting and we love Star Wars.

My response was more along the lines of “what’s he reading? Star Wars ABCs … maybe I should get that book to read to our kid. No wait! I’ll make my own!”

Some pondering, an online rhyming dictionary, a little wookieepedia surfing, and several minutes later — I present to you: Star Wars ABCs, by Josh Smith.

A is for Admiral Ackbar, rebel leader who said “it’s a trap!”
B is for Bespin, the cloud city where you take a carbonite nap
C is for Chewbacca, the wookie who can fly in formation
D is for Death Star, a fully armed and operational battle station
E is for the Emperor, evil ruler with a face of leather
F is for the Force, which binds us all together
G is for Greedo, bounty hunter who threatened Han with the worst
H is for Han Solo, the rogue who smartly shot first
I is for ice planet Hoth, rebels fled there in Empire Strikes Back
J is for jungle moon Endor, where the the Ewoks helped the attack
K is for Kessel Run, an important and difficult race
L is for Luke Skywalker, the greatest hero in space
M is for Mon Mothma, she’s not really princess leia’s mom
N is for new republic, which the rebels fight for with aplomb
O is for Obi-Wan, jedi master who gave luke his lightsaber
P is for Princess Leia, and there’s never been a princess who’s braver
Q is for Qui Gon, who trained obi wan and had long hair
R is for R2-D2, a helpful droid who’s always there
S is for stormtrooper, the faceless, white-armored thug
T is for Tattoine, home of jabba who looks like a slug
U is for underground, where rebels make plans to conquer the empire with
V is for Vader, the evil dark lord of the sith
W is for Williams, the John who writes the best scores
X is for X-Wing, the ship flown in all the star wars
Y is for Yoda, source of wisdom who’s ally is the force, truly
Z is for zany adventures, which we have when we watch these movies!

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