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“Free Market” is not code for “Everything Good”

I linked to this article on facebook a while back, and I maintain that it’s a great article that hits a lot of highlights. ¬†There’s one big problem with it that I wanted to elaborate on though (even though I posted the link almost a month ago[sorry Veen!]) The brief, but offending, phrase is “technology … Continue reading »

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The Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Last night, I went with Mary, Eric, S/A, Vroman and Xtina to see the movie The Cave of Forgotten Dreams. When Eric mentioned it at work, I was sorta leery about watching a documentary on cave paintings, but after watching the trailer, I had a feeling I would really like it. This movie absolutely exceeded … Continue reading »

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Unfortunate bundle of errors.

After playing starcraft 2 on my new computer several months ago, I noticed that when I would exit to the desktop or alt-tab out, the mouse cursor in windows 7 would often change into this ugly block of lines instead of an arrow. I looked on the google, and apparently this was a known issue, … Continue reading »

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Today I vanquished a wasp that was menacing the ACE space. I used one of the books from the bookshelf. Last year, when I killed a different wasp in the same room (one the same window even) I used Eric’s crutch to maximize the distance between me and the foe. I was much closer this … Continue reading »

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This post is primarily a marker for me to provide a divider between new content original to this site, and old content imported from my LJ and cross-posted from

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I tried reaching out to someone who disagrees with me politically.

I wrote about the situation at the Cranky Yellow in a blog post at work:¬†   Then I noticed a supporter of Cranky Yellow on facebook saying mean things about the Show-Me Institute, so I sent a facebook message. The following ensued.

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Tourney Report: Paris PTQ, St Louis *First*

So, I’ve been playing magic for quite a few years, but yesterday I won my first PTQ. I would like to write a proper tournament report, but my notes from the event are nonexistent and my memory is pretty bad. I do however have all of the cards, so this lets me at least recreate … Continue reading »

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Hater, thy name is Caitlin

My coworker, Caitlin Hartsell, has a real problem with me leaving my doors unlocked (and on sunny days, my windows down). She took it upon herself to teach me a lesson. She stole my dashboard koala, Koaladwig von Mises, and blamed it on a fictional villain that I created (with some help from Eric and … Continue reading »

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The Story of the Shark Ghost

So, my friend and co-worker Chrissy is afraid of ghosts. And sharks. This weekend I mentioned this to Robert and he got a great idea and called her, anonymizing his call. His whole end of the conversation was basically “Hello? This is the ShaAaAaAark GhoOoOoOost.” End call. This set off a surprisingly epic typhoon of … Continue reading »

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take home test from my first semester at UMSL

I came across this today, and I really like it, so here it is:

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