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Hater, thy name is Caitlin

Posted by on July 30, 2010
My coworker, Caitlin Hartsell, has a real problem with me leaving my doors unlocked (and on sunny days, my windows down). She took it upon herself to teach me a lesson. She stole my dashboard koala, Koaladwig von Mises, and blamed it on a fictional villain that I created (with some help from Eric and Shelli), the Shark Ghost. She also brought Eric, Chrissy and Audrey in on it, possibly others.
I leave my doors unlocked because if anyone wants to steal from my car, they can just break a window. This means that I can’t teach Caitlin the opposite lesson because I am unwilling to break her windows. This is messed up.
Recently, Caitlin sent two pictures from the “shark ghost” email account she created. One of them is of KvM in her front lawn, with her address clearly visible. The other is of KvM in Caitlin’s backseat, buckled in. Pretty ironic for someone advocating locking one’s car to take a picture of an abductee in her own car. 

These pictures will be made available just as soon as FB picture uploader stops being horrible.

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