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Nitpick/Review of Alien 3 that I Wish I Had Written

In Alien 3, did anyone smoke cigarettes? Was the movie such a stupid betrayal of the earlier parts of the series that none of us even noticed that the universe stopped chain-smoking in the 5 years since the last adventure? Whatever. Speaking of problems with Alien 3: I don’t know if there was supposed to … Continue reading »

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List of times, other than 9/11, when America lost its innocence

From a footnote in David Cross’s book “I Drink for a Reason” shay’s rebellion the triangle shirtwaist factory fire the trail of tears the executions of sacco and vanzetti the lynching of leo frank the mormon slaughter at mountain meadows the civil war (who needs a link for this?) the mccarthy hearings the death of … Continue reading »

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“Free Market” is not code for “Everything Good”

I linked to this article on facebook a while back, and I maintain that it’s a great article that hits a lot of highlights. ¬†There’s one big problem with it that I wanted to elaborate on though (even though I posted the link almost a month ago[sorry Veen!]) The brief, but offending, phrase is “technology … Continue reading »

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ST:TNG s2e8 “A Matter of Honor”

Mary and I have been going through all the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes from the beginning. I yell at the screen at least once per episode. Now that I have a blog, I can air my grievances about each and every episode. The Gist: The writers scraped the bottom of the tv trope … Continue reading »

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Today I vanquished a wasp that was menacing the ACE space. I used one of the books from the bookshelf. Last year, when I killed a different wasp in the same room (one the same window even) I used Eric’s crutch to maximize the distance between me and the foe. I was much closer this … Continue reading »

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This post is primarily a marker for me to provide a divider between new content original to this site, and old content imported from my LJ and cross-posted from

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I tried reaching out to someone who disagrees with me politically.

I wrote about the situation at the Cranky Yellow in a blog post at work:¬†   Then I noticed a supporter of Cranky Yellow on facebook saying mean things about the Show-Me Institute, so I sent a facebook message. The following ensued.

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Hater, thy name is Caitlin

My coworker, Caitlin Hartsell, has a real problem with me leaving my doors unlocked (and on sunny days, my windows down). She took it upon herself to teach me a lesson. She stole my dashboard koala, Koaladwig von Mises, and blamed it on a fictional villain that I created (with some help from Eric and … Continue reading »

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The Story of the Shark Ghost

So, my friend and co-worker Chrissy is afraid of ghosts. And sharks. This weekend I mentioned this to Robert and he got a great idea and called her, anonymizing his call. His whole end of the conversation was basically “Hello? This is the ShaAaAaAark GhoOoOoOost.” End call. This set off a surprisingly epic typhoon of … Continue reading »

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take home test from my first semester at UMSL

I came across this today, and I really like it, so here it is:

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