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Posted by on January 3, 2020

It’s 2020. In early 2010 I was

-unmarried, but dating Mary for about 3 years and that was going well.
-still in college. I graduated later in 2010.
-Still driving a taxi
-working at the Show-Me Institute.
-not yet a person who had played in more than one pro tour. I q’ed for paris in December 2010
-living in St Louis, never having lived in another place
-not yet a runner or a lifter. Since then I have run two half marathons, squatted 300 and DL’d 350.
-not a dad
-making less than half what I do now

There’s no question that I feel more comfortable and in control of my life than I did ten years ago. I have improved a LOT since then in several ways. I hope I can say the same in ten more.

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