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Monthly Archives: January 2020

Mere Subjectivity

I was raised Catholic, dallied with hip, evangelicalism-for-teens in high school, and gradually slipped from believer, to agnostic, to atheist in my young adulthood. Nearly all my friends are non-believers of various stripes. I think that one’s social circle matters a LOT more than study, deliberation, and ratiocination in terms of where one lands on … Continue reading »

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It’s 2020. In early 2010 I was -unmarried, but dating Mary for about 3 years and that was going well.-still in college. I graduated later in 2010.-Still driving a taxi-working at the Show-Me Institute.-not yet a person who had played in more than one pro tour. I q’ed for paris in December 2010-living in St … Continue reading »

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House We bought a house this year. We got very lucky in getting a house that was nearly everything we wanted. After 7 months, it seems to have worked out well. It will continue to be a source of projects and pride and occasional stress forever, most likely. Relationship Mary and I continue to get … Continue reading »

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