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guitar problems

Posted by on April 29, 2004

OK, so this weekend is Regionals, which means I’ll be taking the road trip to Lincoln Nebraska with the Mangners. Not sure how I’ll do. I feel prepared, but then again, I think my deck is not the best choice, so i’m worried. I’ll just do my best. We leave friday night and get back sunday morning. tournament will be all day saturday. I anticipate a LOT of people.

More problems. My Guitar is awful. I’m new to this to begin with and with the guitar I have you have to push extra hard on the strings for it not to sound awful. it’s making it difficult to learn “Santeria” which involves covering all the strings in a given fret with one finger, like so many other songs, which I can’t really do yet. I feel like I am too weak physically to play well.

Plus I’ve been watching way too much tv when I have laundry to do, books to read, and a job to find. I decided I wasn’t going to pursue employment this week, because how bad does it look when your first week, you request the weekend off like you own the place. I’d be too uncomfortable with that, so I allow myself to procrastinate job-search. Oh, yeah and there’s dishes to do, and cleaning and stuff. Man. what a waste.

I must go though. it is time for Groceries.

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