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Posted by on March 24, 2005

Shae – Hi S/A!!!
S/A – Hello Shae.
Shae – How are you feeling?
S/A – Jake seems to think I’m going to die.
Shae – Nah, you’d more than likely die more tragic than with a chest sickness.
S/A – He thinks that I’ll walk around until it’s too late and then just keel over.
Shae – Ewww, can you NOT do that at my house?
S/A – Well, I have to be walking around and I don’t really do that at your house so…
Shae – Can I wear your skin on my jacket?
S/A – I suppose I could dole out some but I’m going to have to have enough shares to go around and you’ll have to do it before Jake mutilates my corpse which he promised to do if I die from pneumonia.
Shae – Jake’s a rad friend. *nods*

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