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Posted by on October 8, 2005

This week I:
-Saw Serenity, which was outstanding. I recommend it for anyone who liked the show(of course), and also for every other person in the world. I feel that anyone who fits these criteria should see it at least twice.
-Hung out with Nick and Sarah, and Jake as well for a bit. It was good times indeed. I tend to forget how much I miss my friends when I don’t see them for a while.
-Spent time with Christine on Monday. I probly won’t see her again until next Monday at the earliest. I have stated over and over again, and it only becomes more true with time, I LOVE BEING WITH HER. She knows it. By now, all of you know it, too.
-Practiced my guitar of course. I very rarely miss a day. It’s really not hard to become somewhat proficient at the guitar, all it takes is to play a little bit every single day. And it’s fun as hell to be able to play music for people.
-Cubed. I think I may be back under a minute. I’m getting better at the PLL algs I know, and will soon know all of them. The F2L is my current biggest stumbling block, as in, I need to do it faster.
-Smashed it up. Carlos is back in town, for good apparently, and he has always been the main catalyst behind us playing Super Smash Bros. in the shop.
-Saw a few South Park episodes I had never seen, my favorite of which being “The Biggest Douche in the Universe” – the one about John Edward. That episode was so amazing. It also caused me to
-Read Wikipedia entries for Cold reading and the Forer Effect. This led me also to Wikipedia’s list of cognitive biases which is very interesting. I also
-Sent away for a NOFX hoodie which better get here soon, or I will surely freeze.
That’s about it.

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