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A theory about my output

Posted by on October 13, 2005

I am currently hammering out the specifics(all mentally of course, this is the first hard record) of a theory I have concocted regarding my allowable input and output capacities. I seem to have basically no limit for human input, though I have strangely discovered a few human beings I actually allow to get on my nerves. I have some strange limit for media input, at least as far as movies/tv shows go. Not sure exactly the details thereof.
My primary focus in this bizarre idea is my seeming output limit, particularly when it comes to writing. I seem to have a cap on my creative output, which is limited strictly by time. To put it another way, I can come up with only so much interesting stuff to speak or write about in a given period of time. This is not to say that I produce the same number of concepts daily, it must be a slightly longer scale than that before any average starts to appear, but I have noticed that the more I write, it seems the less I have to say. You might call this tautological, but I call it profound. This means that even my dynamic human intelligence(we all have that, I’m not being egotistical here[I’m talking about human problem solving and art and general creative potential]) is limited by a factor of time. This bothers me slightly, because I suspect that there is a hard cap which may be inescapable, I don’t know exactly why this should matter in a philosophical sense, but I hate the idea that whatever I write may be diminishing my capacity to write about anything else, at least for some amount of time.
And what I have said here certainly doesn’t seem to be much of a use of my limited creative output potential.

S/A, feel free to rip this theory to ragged shreds like so much worthless drivel, as it may be.

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