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Josh Smith: The Disambiguation

Posted by on October 2, 2005

I just googled my name, “Josh Smith” and it was worse than I thought. After 17 pages of the basketball player, with a few sprinkled links to the teenage blues guitarist and a knife salesman, and a Chemistry Professor, I found, halfway down page 18, a reference to yours truly, which I didn’t even put on the internet! This is a page on a website with many magic decks, sortable by creator(or at least pilot) and you can see my name and two of the decks I played when I posted my two greatest magic career accomplishments. The third result for decks “created” by Josh Smith pertains to the fella who won GP Houston in 2002(I know the site says ’01: it is wrong). That’s right. Another magic player with my name who also has a better lifetime achievement at the game. PTGT told me that he played against another Josh Smith at GP SLC a few weeks ago. This means that I am but one of three Josh Smiths who play this game at or near the highest level of competitive play. GT said “Nice name, idiots” which I laughed at quite a bit.
So, what with at least one magic player with my name, and a guitar player with my name who are both apparently much better than me at their particular craft, I may have a hard time distinguishing myself in this world. It’s a good thing my sunny dispostion is more powerful than my competitive streak, otherwise I might be pushed to A)Work so hard I couldn’t help but to beat one or more people with my name at their own game, or B)Give up entirely. Like I said, good thing I’m such an optimist. It lets me relax and take life easy.

Ooh, here’s some more of me. This one’s from page 53 of the google results. The card store where that took place is no longer in business, and neither is the one that came after it. I work in the one that came after that.

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