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What I got for Christmas

Posted by on December 27, 2005

I saw that did this, so I thought I would, too.

* A bottle of gummi bear vitamins from Robert. “You have the worst diet of anyone I know,” he said.
* A nice pair of boots, well-insulated and waterproof
* A very snazzy scarf to replace the one I lost last year. It is quite soft to the touch, and looks very nice, I feel. Also, it keeps my face and neck warm.
* Some debt relief. I owe my mom so God damn much money, it’s worse than ridiculous day down at the deli. Every year for christmas, she gives me a certificate indicating that she is removing some debt. This year’s was twice last year’s.
* A totally rad green area rug which will go in my bedroom and “really tie the room together.” Continuing the reference, I hope no chinaman Asian-American ever micturates upon it.
* A blue zipper hoodie of +1 Warming. It is dark blue and thicker than my NOFX hoodie.
* A pair of jeans. I get at least one pair every Christmas, and that’s good, cause more clothes means more time between loads of laundry.
* A green long-sleeved shirt. This shirt is pretty soft, kinda like my scarf. My mom knows how I roll. I’m all about comfortable clothes.
* A key to the garage and one to the back door at my mom’s house. I already had a front door key, but she knew I wanted one to the garage. Even though I don’t live there, it’s nice to have free run of the place.
* My mom’s old cell phone. She cancelled the plan because she has no spare moneys, and gave me the phone, to encourage me to try to get it activated so I am easier to get ahold of, and becuase she doesn’t really have a use for it.
* Another green long-sleeved shirt. This one came from my cousin Julie and her husband Derek. It’s pretty sweet, and I was not expecting any gifts from anyone but my mother(this goes for Robert, as well).
* A new LJ koala icon. Just kidding, but I predict I will change it for the second time sometime next month. Watch for it. The only comment on the previous change came from S/A, and it wasn’t in this venue. But she was amused, and her amusement amused me, so I will do it again and see if I can come to closer to finding The Perfect Koala Icon™.

And finally, what I truly feel was the most important gift of the season:
* To spend time with my family. I got to hang out and shoot the breeze with the cousins of my generation; to watch the next generation of cousins excitedly open all their presents; to see the appreciation, adoration and genuine love on the faces of all the many parents and grandparents at seeing the children’s delight and just to be gathered together under one roof(even though I went to three seperate houses, each with at least ten people and each with three generations gathered to spend time and open presents)

I love my family. I love that we all appreciate and care for one another despite being apart for so much of the year. I love that I have this large family, burgeoning every year with more births and marriages, making the holidays more and more filled with good people who enjoy each other’s company. I look forward to every holiday spent with my relatives.


Oh yeah, notice something missing from my list? Probably not, since this is the first one I’ve ever done, but this is the first year(if memory serves me right) in my entire life that I didn’t get socks or underwear from my mom for Christmas. I usually get both. Chad says this means that I am now a man: I must buy my own drawers.

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