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Four things

Posted by on January 12, 2006

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Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
Walgreens Photo Developer, Loading dock hand at a small trucking company(I drove a forklift! Into things I shouldn’t have! Oops, an accident!), File Imaging Clerk at CitiMortgage, Guy who works at a Magic: the Gathering shop.

Four movies you could watch over and over:
There are SO MANY. Ask S/A. Groundhog Day, Forrest Gump, Fight Club, Any Kevin Smith movie(or ALL)

Four places you’ve lived:
Florissant, O’Fallon, St. Louis Hills and Downtown St Louis

Four TV shows you love to watch:
Simpsons, 24, Family Guy, Mr. Show

Four places you’ve been on vacation:
If I am allowed to count magic tournament trips this is so easy, but I won’t so:
Philadelphia, [Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Cozumel] listed as one since it was part of a cruise, New York City, and Venice, Italy

Four websites you visit daily (besides LJ):
Hotmail, Gmail, POE-News, and Wikipedia

Four of your favorite foods:
Chicken fingers, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Strips

Four places you’d rather be:
At home(you might say I wish I had one), out in the world(I’m feeling somewhat trapped lately), Hanging out with Nick, Hanging out with S/A

Four albums you can’t live without:
All NOFX, Bopp <3’s Wes Mix, Afroman-Sell Your Dope, All Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Four people you’re tagging:
,,,(have you been tagged already, Internet Charlotte?)

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