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“Serendipity” or HLHLHL

Posted by on February 10, 2006

Started cabbing on Thursday. Worked three hours, took two trips, made $42. Worked four hours Friday, made 3 trips, a little over $80. Saturday, six hours, just over 200. Sunday, 12 hours, just over 250. I payed “pro” on Monday. Every Monday, I have to give the company $350. I keep all the fares. After paying pro and paying for all my gas, I had about $100 left. After working Monday and Tuesday night, about eight hours each, I had enough on Tuesday to pay my mom rent on the order of $150. Wednesday I went to the Sprint store to price a phone plan, since my boss has been reminding me that it’s sort of a necessity for the job. I need $150, says Sprint man. Made appointment to get my phone and all for Thursday @ 6pm. Now it’s Wednesday and I need to get enough tonight, and possibly tomorrow afternoon to pay the Sprint man(at this point I had a little money saved at home, but I couldn’t remember how much, so I just needed to work as long as I could. Wednesday I took home a bit more than 80 cash. Tank at just below a quarter, but I had exactly 70 at home. HL. School Thursday morning, jump onto the post and commence to waiting for a trip ASAP after school at about 2pm. Got my trip at 3:30, PRAYED that it wouldn’t be a credit card, since I don’t get value for those until I pay pro on Monday. I need cash for gas, real bad. True to the title of this story, $40 cash. Fill my tank at 4pm, head home to kill a bit of time, since I couldn’t have gotten a trip in time to get to Sprint Store by 6. Play a little guitar at home(not much time for that these days, with all my work and school[although I do enjoy using my time so efficiently]), then make it to the Store at 5:58. Get my phone(314.363.6652), call S/A, call work, giving number both times. Head back to the post, make $90 cash. My last trip really hammered home the theme of this story. So far we have seen me using basically all my resources every turn, EFFICIENT, but also somewhat lucky. This guy has me take him to this place, and needs the light on. I had found the dome light button only hours earlier, HL. Then he asked me if I have a phone. I say “yes” with no hint of “since about four hours ago” in my voice. It felt great to be able to help in that way. It felt awesome. I love that all my bills are paid, I have more cash in my pocket, I have a phone, I have a car, and I’m taking the night off to go to a skating party/concert with S/A, Mary, et al. The future only gets better. Life is so fucking good.

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