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The joy of Communism

Posted by on April 16, 2006

New sanctions are being placed on broadcast media in China. No longer can any news outfit use a feed from outside the country. Makes sense, after all, the best source on any news item would obviously be a chinese reporter, who has likely never set foot outside the country. Trust the wonderful government they will gloriously lead you forward to a perfect tomorrow!

This is a very weak, but recent and obvious example of what’s wrong with more government, for those of you who wonder why I mention it at all. Thomas Jefferson was for a smaller government, and so am I. If you think for a second that it’s possible to have a government with lots of power that doesn’t engage in shocking abuses, you obviously are missing some important information pertaining to human nature. If you have the power, you and those near you will do anything to retain it. Especially since the sort of people who strive for positions of power are not the sort of people who feel those seats should be done away with. is perhaps the exception here.

Original article, from Canada(socialists)

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