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Mostly Rubik’s Cube stuff, with a bit about staying up too late.

Posted by on May 1, 2006

Something about reading on the internet seems to energize me. Time passes, I may have started out exhausted, but I seem to be able to stay awake and alert indefinitely, trolling along, reading. Also, reading Vroman’s old articles is so sweet. I love learning about economics and anarchy, and V’s writing is great. This one‘s about why babies and robots have [pretty much]no rights in anarchy-paradise. Do I agree with this stuff? I suppose so. I just love the pure analysis with the mathematics of economics and no consideration for. . . whatever it is that people think they need the government for [the public good?].
Also, I thought for a moment that perhaps I had forgotten how to solve the Professor’s Cube[Rubik’s 5x5x5], but it turns out that the part of my memory that moves the cube automatically remembered enough. And I am starting to lose count of how many people I’ve taught to solve the Rubik’s Cube, though Jen(we’re in a band together) is the latest victim. I have a suspicion that she will advance at least to the level I’ve studied[F2L and some of the “LL in two algs”]. This post is not geeky enough. I feel the need to throw out that since the Prof. cube is so hard to turn, after I solve it, my turning speed on the regular cube is greatly increased.
If there’s anyone who reads this[that’s not many] and I see or could see on a regular basis[almost no one] who I haven’t already taught the cube, and wants to learn[S/A is gonna think I’m talking just to her here, even though I’m almost positive she doesn’t care to learn] I am eager to teach anyone interested in learning. This is tremendous fun for me, although you’d probly have to provide your own cube- I’ve bought probably eight and have one left(unless Jen gives back the one she has).

It’s currently after 2am. I have class in 9 hours, but if I forego sleep, I could start making money in just two. I’d probly make $100 before school. I think I love my job.

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