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no more internet at my mom’s

Posted by on July 28, 2006

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1) Do you think iamthedoctorcd is hot? Yes
2) What word best describes jarredeyes? impressive
3) How long have you known azraels_claws? ten years
4) How would rainedoutlife conquer the world? subjugating the weak
5) Is violetdusk a high school student? no
6) Would you wrestle iamthedoctorcd in jello? If her husband would let me.
7) Did violetdusk break up with you? no
8) What flavor of jello would 161581 be? lime
9) One thing you can’t stand about captiousduality? walks slow
10) Where did you first meet captiousduality? Nick’s mom’s basement
11) Could you see jarredeyes and azraels_claws together? hmm. . .NO
12) One quality you find attractive in violetdusk? GAMER
13) What do you disagree with violetdusk about? what state is correct to live in
14) Would you ever date lunarmoon? tried that already
15) What would ardric47 do differently in your shoes? more physics
16) Is cmadrid24 introverted or extroverted? extroverted
17) What would you do if captiousduality died? mourn infy
18) Where was ardric47 born? pretty sure it was some other state(indiana?)
19) How many monkeys could charlove_boots fight at once and win against? depends on the monkeys. I’ll say 1000.
20) If eatenmyeyes and captiousduality were siamese twins, where would they be joined? they would share a hand and a foot
21) What is violetdusk‘s favorite color? purple?
22) What exotic animal would valimagdon like as a pet? anything but a weak ass koala
23) If ardric47 took over the world, who would be happy? geeks like myself
24) Does jarredeyes have a crush on seifertim? no way, they’ve never met.
25) What comic book character would iamthedoctorcd be? brainiac 5
26) Has lunarmoon been to your house/dorm? I’m living with my mom again so, yeah.
27) If azraels_claws were hanging off a cliff, what would daghain do? politely save him if possible
28) What is azraels_claws‘s favorite band/artist? Bad Religion
29) Does jarredeyes go to your school? nope
30) Does violetdusk do drugs? maybe a little

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