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The smarch of time

Posted by on April 25, 2007

So, I just got back from Wash U. I spoke with Prof. Ron Freiwald, advisor in the Math department, who then recommended I talk to Dean Warren J. Davis, transfer student advisor in the college of Arts and Sciences.
From Freiwald, I learned what math classes I would need to complete a BA with a math major at WU.
From Davis, I got an idea of what other classes I would need for such a degree, as well as learning that if I applied and had, as I have, mostly A’s, I would constitute a “strong candidate” for acceptance.

So it looks like I could perhaps get a math degree from Washington University, if I can afford it(including scholarships and such which would all be sorted out later). The money factor is a rather significant one, being that I am basically destitute, my mother can contribute maybe 1k/semester, I can contribute (I have no idea how much, it utterly depends on my income source), and I don’t know if my academics will send much money my way. Perhaps I could start now devoting myself to the task of procuring as much money as possible for the spring semester. There’s plenty of information and people who say that there are many more scholarships than people realize.

I am rambling.

The gist is, I am beginning to wonder if I am going to be able to continue with my education beyond stlcc and stay as lazy as I’ve been. It seems to be more and more in my best interest to really work at this thing if I am going to sustain it into the future.

I want to point out that this whole WU thing came about as a result of some shrewd academic advising on the part of my Logic professor Ana Coelho. She suggested WU, her husband teaches there, and she put me in touch with Freiwald. She has really helped me. Today, when I was feeling a bit nervous before my appointment, she pointed out that she had a student a few years ago who applied to Wash U, got accepted, and got quite a bit of financial assistance, but wound up going to the honors college at UMSL, as they offered her a full ride. I have of course not ruled out UMSL as an option, and my uncle(a Wash U grad himself) has pointed out that I should definitely not waste money on Wash U. I suppose his point is that “a degree is a degree.”

It currently seems that I will finish my Associates in Mathematics at the end of the fall semester, 2007. That’s all for now, I suppose.

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