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Posted by on June 19, 2007

I haven’t posted in a while. I am alive, taking summer classes and Mary gets back from Alaska tomorrow.

A couple random facts

-Part of what is now eastern Tennessee attempted to separate into it’s own state, which would’ve been called Franklin. This happened on my birthday, August 23 (1784, I know I didn’t have a birthday yet). Congress did not admit them, and things kinda fell apart.

-Anheuser Busch has 12 breweries in the US, one in London, none in Germany and 41 in China. They also own a 27% share in Tsingtao, the largest brewer in China, whose product can be bought here in the states. Robert Shelli is fond of it, I understand. It should be obvious why they have no breweries in Germany, germans are very particular when it comes to beer. Recall what the german guy said when Homer invited him to have a Duff:
“My English is not perfect, but…I have to tell you…your beer is like *swill* to us. Do I have zat right? I’m saying zat only a swine vould drink zis beer?”

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