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Bill Gates followup

Posted by on March 10, 2008

I may change my mind about this in the near future, but right now I feel like Bill Gates is doing better with his money than just about anyone else would. I don’t mean that no one could do a better job, I just mean that I feel like the best thing that someone could do with his money would probably be to try to emulate what he is doing.
The other main thing that I was interested in regarding this notion is the diminishing marginal utility of income. Lots of people seem to implicitly understand it in saying that they want to share it with their friends/relatives. The thing is, I’ve recently come to question whether income really does have diminishing marginal utility, and I’ve got a lead on further discussion of that matter. I hope this becomes illuminated for me soon so that I can update this mess proper.

Oh, the only other minor thing I wanted to say about the Bill Gates Inheritance thing is that that much money carries something with it that about half of the responders caught on to: Money in that quantity grants an immense amount of power. Now, I’m not going to quote the obvious here, but I will say that whatever your true hearts desire, you can either get it, or come as close as possible with that kind of scratch.

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