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Posted by on July 31, 2008

So. My car broke down on the way to libertarian book club tuesday. Veen was with me, long story short, I owe shelli $140 for the tow he payed for so I could get it to this guy’s house who fixes the cabs.
Yesterday, Mary and I went to pick up the car, and we couldn’t find her phone before we left. oh well, we went with my phone only. I was late with my sprint bill, so they’d shut off outgoing calls and texts, but I could receive calls just fine. We picked up my car, and it broke down when we got about six miles from the guy’s house. Luckily, he called me to check up, then he wound up coming out and towing my car with a tow rope. Long story short(part 2) we left the car with him at his house, and took Mary’s car home. She noticed on the way that her front brakes were GRINDING. not good.
Back at Mary’s house, we turned the place upside down and were unable to find her phone. It HAD to be here, as she and I had both used it from home tuesday night, and not left. This morning I got up and couldn’t find my phone. I called it from jen’s(mary’s roommate) phone a bunch, but didn’t hear it ringing. I checked my voice mail and had THREE NEW MESSAGES FROM MARY’S PHONE. The first two were mostly silence and not very long, but the third was very clearly a conversation between about four ghetto people. So, our phones were stolen. They also stole the $2 from my wallet.
I drove mary’s car to autozone three blocks away and set to work repairing said brakes, her lug nuts were practically rusted on, so long story short(part 3) I got the driver’s side brakes fixed only(they were the ones grinding) and now she needs at least one new lug bolt. Her car is at this time semi-driveable.
also on my voicemail this morning was a message from the repair guy saying that he finished the car, so it’s done(and 20 miles away).
Mary and I now officially have no car or phone between us.

Coming up next, OGRE’S MATH CHALLENGE!!

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