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Icon 2009 report – split first in vintage

Posted by on October 11, 2009

I’m going to try and toss this off as fast as possible so I can get back to heatsealing my apt. for wintertime.

I played goblins, basically the list I posted on these forms previously, though the SB was 4 (relic, pyrokinesis, krosan grip) 3 mindbreak trap

rd 1 UG threshold
My opponent had a borrowed deck and BMI of ~45. I noticed that he took a while to make most decisions, but was forgiving because he kept repeating how he doesn’t play legacy and had never played the deck before. Unfortunately for both of us, we went to time. If the clock hadn’t run out, I almost certainly would’ve won the third game.

rd 2 UB combo
This was the guy Vroman beat rd one. He really did seem to know what he was doing and was not scared of either of my turn one lackeys. game one he cast doomsday with top in play and mana available, winning that turn. Game two he went off turn one with ritual-ritual-ad nauseum. the three mindbreak traps that came in from the side did all they could be expected to and didn’t show up for work.

rd 3 Lalo with embarassing mono U combo
NotMeJosh was suitably unimpressed with his own deck “choice” — borrowed from Jason, also in our car, solely so he could add value to what was basically a vintage tournament trip for him. I don’t remember our games that well, but I’m pretty sure they were not close.

with the hat trick of match result possibilities under my belt, I dropped and decided to check out what trade possibilities Icon had in store while the rest of the legacy event played out. I proceeded to make some of the most lopsided (in my favor) deals I’ve ever done in ~13 years of magic playing. then I ate some chicken strips (like a boss).

I had almost the same list as I played when I won the mox, only now I had maindeck 3 mindbreak traps, 1 extirpate(mainly for bloodghast, though good in other situations) and two super sneaky Tgoyfs. SB was also a little different, but nothing impressive. List forthcoming.

rd 1 100 card standard-legal white weenie.
It was basically like this.
I FoW’d a celestial purge on my Welder game one and assembled vault-key on like turn 3, then explained to him how it worked and that I would just attack 20 times with my welder. He scooped. Game two took me longer to assemble the combo, so when I did I had Goyf and Sphinx in play, and once he realized it was same song, second verse, he scooped again. But he did try to Solemn Offering my key on my turn, so I explained that you can’t play sorceries on other ppl’s turns, so instead he pitfall trapped my goyf, which I drained.

rd 2 Jaker with Stax
Jaker has repeatedly throughout the day shown his willingness to make mistakes, though I don’t remember any obvious ones from our match. I think I scooped game two to overwhelming board-lock. Game three went to me. I seem to recall goyfs, but I am probably misremembering.

rd 3 Colin with stormdrain
with 14 players total, despite the two draws already in the tourney(one player drew both of the first two rounds and wound up making T4) if Colin and I had IDd we’d both pretty much have to win the next round, so we fought, and he won. I always felt like I was behind, but after the match I chalked it up to my draws.

rd 3 sean mcgonigal with very outdated odd-ball combo. I’m talkin Platinum angel, diminishing returns and no counterspells.
I wasn’t afraid of the deck so much as I was worried that he would be a jerk while lucksacking me out. turns out neither of those things happened. While this guy def came across as a jerk earlier I basically established that while he is an ignorant loudmouth, he’s a nice guy when you get to know him. after I beat him we played some pickup games with his vintage goblins against my tournament deck. These games were suitably easier for me than our tourney match.

The top 4 was basically determined at the start of rd 4 – Vroman and cole drew in, while the winner of me vs sean and jason vs two-draws-guy finish out the top 4. Since I won my match, all that was needed was for jason to pull it out to have an all StL top 4. That didn’t happen.

However, Vroman had no trouble dispatching Hombre de Dos Draws, and StL finished well in the black. Oh yeah and I beat Cole in the semifinals, thus vindicating my earlier defeat at his hands.


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