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Year End Update

Posted by on December 31, 2009
crossposted from my LJ:

I wish I had accomplished more this year. Here's what I did.

In the last couple days I received this in the mail. I am typing this entry on it.

I have been cubing a lot more and got my best time ever the other night: 30.19 seconds.

I won one whole piece of power, half of another piece and traded for a third.

I quit driving the taxi, which is sort of a sign that I can make it without doing that. I'd been driving the taxi for three and a half years and was beginning to think that I would never do anything more. Now I support myself partly from my work at the show-me institute and mostly from my financial aid. Hopefully my degree will make me sufficiently employable that I will earn enough to pay off my loans and still survive without driving a taxi.

Mary and I have been together for almost four years and I am as happy about that as I could ever imagine, which is a lot.

I decided this year that I want to become an actuary. I hope that I can make large strides in that direction next year and not have to leave this city, which contains most of my favorite people in the world.

I continued playing the guitar. I hope I never give up and continue to progress in this and the rubik's cube.

I have pretty much completely lost contact with Nick. He and I seem to be in very different places in our lives. I loved the time we spent together as friends, and I am happy with the person it made me. I guess I wonder if something will change to cause us to interact more in the future. In the near term, I just don't see it.

I became more comfortable with being an atheist this year.

Veen went away this year, but I think we will stay close. We can't help it.

If I'm not mistaken, S/A has been going out of her way to make sure we still hang out, despite me no longer cabbing. I am very happy about this. Of course there's book club. If anybody wants to see me socially, I recommend coming to there, or stopping by my apt. I'm usually at one or the other in the evenings.

SMI sent me to Asheville, NC for a three-day conference for free-market state think tanks in November. That was incredible, and I think I got a lot out of it. It was also the first time I had been on a plane since Venice in 2003.

It was this year's visioncon where the whole gang and I did our First Annual Whedonstravaganza Singalong. That was excellent. Also, our group won the visioncon masquerade. I was Dr Emmet Brown.

I did more computer programming this year than I have since HS and I enjoyed it immensely.

I went shooting for the first time this year since I went with Vroman like 5 years ago.

I finished another year of college and am now one semester from my degree.

I watched a lot of movies and read a number of books. Mary and I read entire books out loud to one another. Among the books we've done this with this year that I hadn't read before: brave new world, the pillars of the earth, and bridge to terabithia.

This year I decided to start keeping track of things like this by writing about them before the year is over. (in about 6 hours)

4 Responses to Year End Update

  1. Sarah Anne Heuser

    ‎#32 applies again. We again do not work together and live far away from each other.

    Re: cubing. What I was trying to explain after is that I separate what I see as the game from the skill. When you’ve aquired the skill it is no longer a game in my eyes but that isn’t negative. I am never going to forget the way the waitress looked at you when you were cubing before we saw The Pursuit of Happyness (sic).

    What happened to the netbook Shelli gave you?

    One thing that I find interesting is that while Nick was the one that read all the superhero comics you are the one that occasionally exhibits superhero traits imo. When you got the train seats, chased off the kids who were turning on the lights in the theater, ran off Warren etc.

  2. Timothy Ian Hely

    Sounds like you had a pretty good year! :D

    “I became more comfortable with being an atheist this year.” – Awesome.

    “Now I support myself partly from my work at the show-me institute” – that sounds like an awesome job. Maybe I imagine it much more glamorous than it really is… I have this vision of a room full of people – one half at the throats of the other half arguing passionately about one debate or another, and then there’s a soft chime and: “Who’s ready for lunch? Take out?”

    “I did more computer programming this year than I have since HS and I enjoyed it immensely” – what are you coding in? I do insane amounts of coding all year round, but this year I did the most non-work related coding since high-school, and also the most fruitious. (have you played my game yet? huh? huh? ;))

    “I finished another year of college and am now one semester from my degree.” – Awesome, with a capitol “AWE”. I still only have 1 completed credit. “Introduction to Windows” or some bull like that.

    It sucks that we’re not really in touch to much anymore. Always seems to be something going on, or not enough time.
    I’m always wanting to do stuff, but it never seems to work out. Maybe in a few years when Naomi’s a little older I’ll have the ability to get out and about more lol…

    Oh! Louisa and I are planning on a ‘medium-sized’ wedding this year. Not sure any of the details yet, and I won’t make you give any speeches, but if you want to come, pencil in 10/10/10 (and I’ll let you figure out how awesome that date is) ;)

    Happy New Year!

  3. Josh Smith

    S/A – re:cubing I understand. re:netbook Shelli’s didn’t really work. re:superpowers Thank you.

    Tim – re:think-tank There tends to be pretty universal agreement internally, so we mostly disagree externally(with other groups or individuals), though there is a lot of that. re:college In hindsight, the hardest part was going back. It’s just this thing you do, though it does take a while. re:hangouts I made plans to hang out with Jake the other day, then totally ditched him. Man I felt bad about this. I basically never leave my apt except for work or school. re:wedding I will totally save the date, and would be willing to give a speech on any topic, though not having met your fiance, and not having seen you in a few years, I’m not really qualified to speak on your relationship :P

  4. Sarah Anne Heuser

    I just found your notes box away from your main page and read all your notes (or reread) I was surprised by the that being the first time you’d been on a plane since Venice thing.

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