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May | 2012 | I like koalas.
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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Nitpick/Review of Alien 3 that I Wish I Had Written

In Alien 3, did anyone smoke cigarettes? Was the movie such a stupid betrayal of the earlier parts of the series that none of us even noticed that the universe stopped chain-smoking in the 5 years since the last adventure? Whatever. Speaking of problems with Alien 3: I don’t know if there was supposed to … Continue reading »

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List of times, other than 9/11, when America lost its innocence

From a footnote in David Cross’s book “I Drink for a Reason” shay’s rebellion the triangle shirtwaist factory fire the trail of tears the executions of sacco and vanzetti the lynching of leo frank the mormon slaughter at mountain meadows the civil war (who needs a link for this?) the mccarthy hearings the death of … Continue reading »

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