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About the name

Posted by on July 14, 2005

Too many people fail to realize how clever I think I am when it comes to the handle Zaxecivobuny.

First the pronunciation – zak seh kihv’ oh bunny
Note that accent is on the third syllable and all vowels are sounded short except for the O. Also some people(most notably Eric Sullivan, of Tetris in Pascal fame) have softened the C to an S sound before hearing me pronounce the word in person. My feelings on this difference of convention are that I am fine with it.
The whole story is that I came up with it as a password for my stupid electronic organizer in like seventh grade, which had a qwerty keyboard thus inspiring me, for whatever reason, to alternate the bottom row(all consonants) with the vowels in order, I kept making the “word” longer until I’d run out of vowels, or more accurately, until it sounded right to me. Around this time I was still using “The Short One” for all my online exploits, of which I had basically none. Even Griffin740, which gave way to Urza740 had not yet been conceived. A couple years into high school, after I had set up my hotmail account and was using it as my primary email, and I also had my AIM account urza740, I was reminded of the old moniker and decided to start using it all over. I think it makes a great name, for many reasons:
1. It sounds like a real fake name, whatever that means.
1a. I suppose what I mean is that it sounds like a character from a fantasy RPG.
2. It is absolutely unique in all of the internet, as far as I have seen. As far as I am concerned, this also means it is singular in the history of human existence. I love that, because I created it.
2a. Due to it’s being unique, it never requires numbers or compromises on spelling for me to get the name I want anywhere online.
3. It is difficult for people who aren’t clever with either spelling, or figuring out the nature of the name, to remember how to spell. I don’t know why I feel this is a plus, but I definitely do.
4. It shortens painlessly to almost any length you like. I personally find myself using Zaxec more often than not when an abbreviation is preferred.
5. It basically contains the word “bunny.” This is always a good thing.

In summary, I’m sorry it isn’t a piece of cake to spell, but I happen to like it, and so there it is. The Etymology Ivobuny. Anyone reading this who wasn’t already aware of everything I just detailed may feel differently from all others who read this. They may feel as though their time hasn’t just been wasted. They would be wrong.

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