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Oh, to be without my trusty timepiece.

Posted by on November 3, 2005

I don’t have my watch right now. . .
I showered at my new apartment on monday afternoon, but I haven’t been back there since then. I left my watch there.

This means that it has been over 48 hours since I had my watch(indeed, any watch) on my wrist. This is the longest time I have spent bare-wristed in well over a decade. I _*ALWAYS*_ have a watch on my wrist, unless I am showering. Somewhat unrelated is the fact that I recently moved to wearing my watch on my left wrist, as opposed to my right, where I have worn it as long as I have worn a watch(basically all my life). I did this so that the watch wouldn’t obstruct my guitar playing, which I do daily. I can’t stress enough how odd it is for me having two bare wrists. No watch to turn to when I want to know the time. I have my PDA which keeps time, but it isn’t as convenient. I can’t even get my watch until tomorrow sometime. This is really getting to me.

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