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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Has to be said, or at least written.

Every time I’ve ever told a girl she had my heart, or thought it, or written it, or had it been true without expressing it, the relationship has been ended by the person in whose possession I placed my world. I leave a piece of my heart with every girl I ever care about romantically. … Continue reading »

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This is all I’m asking for.

This is what I want. I occasionally make idle plans about how I would spend it if I won the lottery, but I never buy a ticket, since the odds are so heavily stacked against the player. Can’t I get the cash equivalent of winning without buying a ticket? It’s not asking much, I think. … Continue reading »

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Everyone else is doing it. So did I.

I find this to be basically accurate. Zaxec took the free personality test! “Needs a peaceful environment. Wants release from s…” Click here to read the rest of the results. (the “Mood:” field didn’t have enough room for “Much better since I talked to Sarah.” So I definitely couldn’t have then fit “I always … Continue reading »

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I guess this means I’m single.

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A theory about my output

I am currently hammering out the specifics(all mentally of course, this is the first hard record) of a theory I have concocted regarding my allowable input and output capacities. I seem to have basically no limit for human input, though I have strangely discovered a few human beings I actually allow to get on my … Continue reading »

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This week I: -Saw Serenity, which was outstanding. I recommend it for anyone who liked the show(of course), and also for every other person in the world. I feel that anyone who fits these criteria should see it at least twice. -Hung out with Nick and Sarah, and Jake as well for a bit. It … Continue reading »

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Josh Smith: The Disambiguation

I just googled my name, “Josh Smith” and it was worse than I thought. After 17 pages of the basketball player, with a few sprinkled links to the teenage blues guitarist and a knife salesman, and a Chemistry Professor, I found, halfway down page 18, a reference to yours truly, which I didn’t even put … Continue reading »

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