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This is surely funny even if you don’t know Robert:

Posted by on November 11, 2005

Latest Shelli-isms:

[triviabot]:Name a small basin for washing your genitals.
Robert: “Sink. No, Wait. Drinking Fountain.”

Conditions for joining the military:

“They’d have to give me
-a pocket Nuke
-The World’s Deadliest Torpedo
-a way to project water at my enemies.”
Later he added
-$1 million worth of guns
-Rank of Lt. Col.
-Never to have to pay taxes again
-Three flying tanks or one submarine which is covered in tanks
-a battleship on tractor treads
-a machine gun/guitar a.k.a. Guntar

“I buy premium gas because my car door tells me to and it knows more about my car than I do. I usually just call it the Go-Box.”

Robert described quaker sunday worship services to me, then:
Me: “Wow, that sounds 10,000 times better than any Catholic Sunday mass.”
Robert: “Disco-Catholic?”
Me: “There’s no such thing.”
Robert: “Techno-Catholic?”
Me: “No.”
Robert: “Cyber-Catholic?”
Me: “That would be awesome.”

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