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Posted by on January 13, 2006

Of all the pictures my uncle took this holiday season, these two had me in them.

I had just opened the scarf and thrown it on.

My cousins got all kinds of neat toys. I played with only a few. (For those of you who didn’t gather as much from the first image, I am the one on the right, in the Onslaught Pre-Release Staff shirt.)



  1. charlove_boots

    It is super cute because you’re both playing with the toys!

    I also love your little shoulder things

    • zaxecivobuny

      Every Christmas, as presents get unwrapped, and paper and bows hit the floor, the burden falls to me to come up with clever and inventive places to put the bows to get into the spirit of the season.

      I usually just wind up sticking them on my shoulders or head, though.

  2. valimagdon

    It looks like a little red tribble w/ a punk hairdo.

  3. jarredeyes

    I can’t see your face. For some reason those pictures made me laugh a lot.

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