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I know the story’s told badly, but I’m not changing it, though I did consider it, ok?

Posted by on January 20, 2006

My life is about to get thrown into major upheaval. The process began last Thursday and gathered quite a bit of steam on Tuesday, but for whatever reason I’ve not posted about it until now.

I will soon be driving a cab for a living.

Sarah’s boss talked to me when I came to pick her up on Thursday(I went to pick her up so’s I could kidnap her for a few days, as I have tended to do when she has a few days off in a row[she was off until Tuesday this time]). Edward, the guy who owns the cab company that Sarah works for, spent several minutes trying to convince me to come work for him. Right around the time that he said I could make “50, 60 thousand a year” I was sold. We kept talking for a while and eventually I left and immediately began discussing the option with Sarah. I had basically already made up my mind. I wanted to return on Monday, but I wound up doing so on Tuesday. Edward was slightly surprised to see me, apparently, as he mentioned to Sarah later that he thought Thursday would be the last he’d see of me.
He told me the things I’d need to do:
1. Get an “E” class driver’s license
2. Get a copy of my police record
3. Take a drug test and get a physical exam
Once I do 1 and 2, he tells me where to go to do 3, after that it’s
4. Edward writes a letter of intent(to hire) for me to give to the Missouri Taxicab Commission so that they will certify me to drive a cab in the state
5. take letter to MTC, pay ’em $100, get my cabbie license and I’m all set!

When we spoke on Tuesday, Edward told me that once, a potential hire had called him 90 minutes after leaving the meeting/first interview and had already done 1, 2 and 3. I felt I had something to strive for, though I only managed to get half of 1 done that day.
If anyone wants the long story of how I passed the E class driver’s exam, let me know, and I will tell it, though I think it’s probably far more interesting in person and even then not much more interesting than what has preceded here.
So anyways, Wednesday was very productive for me, but I didn’t get any farther on getting started at the cab place.

Thursday I woke up at 9am, decided that was too early, woke up again at 10:20 and thought “that’s more like it.” Nothing like a ticking clock to fire me up in the morning. Class starts at 11, every day, M-F. I thought, “maybe I can get the license finished and get the police record before I have to go to class, then immediately to the shop where Vroman is expecting me.” It was close. Who am I kidding, I was slightly late for class, but I managed to make it through two government bureaucratic nightmare organizations spaced at least ten miles apart in about forty minutes. I was proud of myself. :)

Then the day slowed, and now I am here. Not much more to say. Flux was here earlier, as was Vroman, who left shortly after Puppy arrived. I played a few games of chess with Puppy. I think I managed to drain all possible reader interest, so I conclude with my favorite bedtime story featuring Diogenes.

Diogenes was asked how he manages to resist the temptations of lust, being that he was basically a hobo, and definitely smelled bad, and probly couldn’t get laid. His reply was to begin furiously masturbating on the spot. All present were aghast and promptly fled the scene. Later, our hero was questioned about his repulsive behavior. He replied, “If only I could satisfy my stomach by rubbing it.”

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