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School update, accomplishment?

Posted by on January 17, 2008

I have successfully completed all the requirements for an Associate of Arts degree in Mathematics from St Louis Community College(Florissant Valley Campus). I completed this in December, obviously, I just didn’t put it in my LJ. Incidentally, this involved taking the following math classes Calc I, Calc II, Calc III, Differential Equations(Diff EQ), and Linear Algebra. These were the most fun classes I took of the 76 total hours(final gpa 3.47) except of course for Principles of Microeconomics, which was a BLAST.
I am now enrolled in the Economics BS major at University of Missouri-St Louis. This semester I am taking 15 hours. Here are my classes:
Economic Statistics
OH YEAH, Math. This should be fun.
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
The teacher is a girl, and a lefty. Her math is not as rigorous as I would like, and I seem to be the only student to notice the lack. She has said that it is ok for me to correct her non-rigorous math slip-ups during class. Bear in mind that this is a class where we are doing contour plots of what are essentially three dimensional graphs, so when she mislabels something, it is SERIOUS BUSINESS.
Money, Banking, and Monetary Theory
I was telling Mary(pictured here being set upon by an ogre) the highlights of a recent lecture on money markets, when she told me (not in so many words) that the stuff was boring. I explained that this made no sense to me, as during the lecture, I was on the edge of my seat. She found this funny.
History of Economic Thought
This professor like encouraging discussions. Loud discussions. Last semester, the class in the room next door to his had to move because of the noise. This class should provide ample opportunity to yell at my classmates for not agreeing with me on points of policy.
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
This is NOT an economics course.


It does, however fulfill a “diversity” requirement. It was one of the first in the list, it mentioned economics in the course description, and I am genuinely interested in the subject matter, to an extent. The professor, however, is very boring and I fear sleep will overtake me more often than not.

There they are. Oh and here’s vroman’s summary for the classes
ES – useful
IMicroT – good class, you’ll learn a lot of seful stuff.
MBMT – some interesting information, but actually just Beauracracy 101
HET – Marx 101
he also said that IMacroT was “the study of how the government fucks up the economy.” I really like vroman’s summaries of things.

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