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The Meta-Dialectic Society.

Posted by on January 23, 2008

I have just invented a new secret(?) society.

The Meta-Dialectic Society. I invented it so that I could friend someone on Facebook, while accurately working within their framework. There is not an option for “I know this person because he is married to my girlfriend’s sister.”
Here’s how the Meta-Dialectic society works:
I(an existing member) accuse you(a new member) of being in the Meta-Dialectic Society.
If you agree, then you are in the Meta-Dialectic Society.
If you disagree, you are still in the Meta-Dialectic Society, you are merely an Antithesist(like a provisional member).
If you respond in any way other than direct positive or negative, you are either an Antithesist, or a Member.
Acceptance of one’s place in the Meta-Dialectic Society as either Member or Antithesist is known as synthesis.

All new membership should be indicated in replies to this post.
You need not be a Member to induct another, but you must be at least an Antithesist. Antithesists inducting others is not only funny, it is an example of synthesis.
Electing to change your status from M to A or vice versa is also an example of synthesis.

J, jarredeyes
Robert, eatenmyeyes
S/A, captiousduality
Nate, rainedoutlife
Alex, callmeprufrok

Brian Morgan
Jen, jenscrummynovel
V33n, v33nx0r

*if you are listed and would like to change your status, simply notify me.
*if you are not listed and would like to be, simply notify me as to which status you think you should have, and you will be made [O]fficial.

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