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Ancestral Recall, other power.

Posted by on October 25, 2009
This will be short. I just want to get this down for posterity. A couple hours ago, I made the finals of a tournament where first prize was an Ancestral Recall. I wound up getting the Recall. It was a Grand Prix Trial, for a GP I don't plan on going to, and second place was 24 packs. My opponent wanted the byes, and since you are not allowed to split with anything other than the prizes in the prize pool, the $400 card was going to be hard to split up. Fortunately I knew the guy somewhat and was sure he would not screw me, so I conceded to him and we worked out a split after the tournament was over. We each got 12 packs and half the recall, which the store valued at $250 (it's pretty beat), so I owed him 125 cash and I got the card. I wound up selling the store my 12 packs @ $2.50 each and 12 new fetches(8 marsh flats and 4 arid mesa) for 8 apiece.

Also, Vroman won a mox ruby last week at the monthly Lindenhurst power tourney, he valued it at $260, and I traded it off him for 1 verdant catacombs(12) 3 oath of druids(12 each) 2 underground sea(45 each) 1 tundra(30) and 80 cash.

Also, one month before that, I won the Lindenhurst monthly power tourney and got a mox pearl. I have been playing magic since eighth grade, that's 14 years, and it was my first piece of the power nine. Less than two months later and I now have three.

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