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Ilamatepec is going to E X P L O D E !!!

Posted by on September 14, 2005

This is not about a volcano, though. I owe this journal so much information, I feel like the total slacker I am. I’ve been arrested. Air Soft Guns have come to Ogre’s Cards. My former place of residence is smothered in old toys, the stuff of garages, basements and, especially, yard sales. My new place of residence is actually quite nice.

Last night was one of the most intense experiences of my life. I can’t even talk about it here. It was so much bigger in terms of helping me understand myself than the arrest, which you may already know about(Sarah) or be dying to hear about(everyone else[I know I would be]).

It was the kind of experience that brought out the best in the best of us who were there, and brought out the worst in the rest.
Vroman did something I can’t really wrap my head around despite it meshing perfectly with the picture I have in my mind of his character.

I wish I could say more. It can only come out in person, and there’s about two people in the world I feel comfortable discussing it with who weren’t there to experience it all firsthand.

As for my secondary employment, I am now committed to eBay, where I post old toys, for my Ogre Taskmaster under the name grandpasyardsale. Look For My Auctions! not really. It’s so stupid. I am such a salesman whore. I hate the stuff I am selling, for the most part. And the cool stuff I can’t bear to put down long enough to actually post. I am not suited to this work. I will try to do my best, of course.

As always, my guitar is improving. I find it is something I genuinely care about. Sort of a point of pride, by now. My cubing is slipping slightly, however. Although I am halfway through memorizing the PLL algs, I seem to be slowing slightly, as my average is now consistently between 60 and 70 seconds, instead of under 60, as it was previously. Oh well, I haven’t been practicing enough. Gotta go now, I’m about four hours overdue for my nightly sleep. Later.

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