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meme thing

Posted by on September 29, 2005

LJ Interests meme results

  1. athf:
    I love this show. I own the first two DVD volumes and quote it more than people realize.
  2. games:
    I like all kinds of games! Card games(there’s a specific one I could mention here), board games, video games, party games with no equipment, you name it, I’ll probably play. I may even enjoy the heck out of it, especially if I win.
  3. libertarianism:
    I am a follower. You should be, too. I owe it all to CaptiousDuality. My best friend.
  4. mtg:
    That’s the specific one I could’ve mentioned! Magic: the Gathering, to the uninitiated, is a Trading card game in the style of pokemon and yu-gi-oh, though mtg was the FIRST game of the kind. 1993, Richard Garfield started it all. Now you can make over $30,000 playing magic in one weekend, if your qualified for the Pro Tour.
  5. ookla the mok:
    The self-proclaimed “Nerdiest Band in the World” really knows how to sum themselves up. With song topics ranging from math to comics to old sci-fi tv shows, these guys are right up my alley.
  6. physics:
    I love physics. When I finally get enough school done that I can select a real major, I have a strong feeling this will be it. What little experience I have with it, particularly in a formal academic setting, is that I understand physics better than all of my peers(even more so than in other classes where I feel slightly ahead of the curve)
  7. rubik’s cube:
    I think I’ll be consistently under 60 seconds any day now, I’m getting decidedly better at the F2L, and I now know 8 of 13 PLL algs. Plus I move the cube faster every single day. It’s a blast.
  8. tempurpedic samples:
    I noticed someone else I respect listed this as an interest, and I wanted to add it immediately because the offer on the commercial genuinely “interested” me, so it felt legit, but I waited. Them somebody showed up at the shop with one, and I couldn’t wait any longer.
  9. the fourth dimension:
    I am aware that you think I mean time, but I am actually referring to the(theoretical?) concept of a fourth spatial dimension. And while I don’t really struggle with the math or the conceptualization from a standpoint of strictest reason, I have some very interesting ideas pertaining to this concept, some of which are more than borderline mysticism. Let me know if you want to hear them.
  10. the simpsons:
    If you know me, you know this is interest NUMBER ONE. Excepting only mtg, perhaps. I Love The Simpsons. My current most prized possession is my collection of every episode ever on about 8 CDRs.

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