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Monthly Archives: March 2009

On Facebook and my livejournal.

Facebook is a drastic improvement over it's predecessor, myspace. It still has big problems. Frankly, I don't trust this site or it's administrators. I have heard horror stories I am not inclined to doubt about what FB does with personal info and the difficulty of deleting profiles. This is why I don't want to put … Continue reading »

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A new religion?

I have just changed my facebook info page’s Religious Views to “Prisoner’s Dilemmist.” This is a reference to the classic problem, the Prisoner’s Dilemma (I shrink at the thought that I am insulting my reader’s intelligence here). I have decided that my morality from now until I change my mind(I don’t expect to do so) … Continue reading »

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Tragic Fire Sheds Light on Economic Lesson

[This post was originally written for my employer’s blog, Show-Me Daily.] In fairness, I would not write about this if I didn’t live just down the street and drive by it nearly every day, but I am sad to report that the Historic Pevely Dairy building suffered a devastating loss to fire on Sunday. I … Continue reading »

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The First Shall Be Last

[This post was originally written for my employer’s blog, Show-Me Daily.] According to this New York Times article, a number of states were competing for the honor of “first to spend federal stimulus money on infrastructure,” and, by some accounts, Missouri won. Even die-hard free-marketers will likely agree that once the federal government decides to … Continue reading »

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Governments Should Make Sense, Not Jobs

[This post was originally written for my employer’s blog, Show-Me Daily.] There is a lot of talk at present about job creation. During the Great Depression, the federal government engaged in job creation. Currently, our General Assembly is discussing a bill to promote job creation. Some are frustrated that this bill is not being fast-tracked. … Continue reading »

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